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Victoria and Albert Museum - National Arts and Artifacts Museum


Since 2002 Daro Associates has assisted the museum with the management and design of an electronic systems solution.  


Daro had to be aware and work within the confines of a Grade I listed building and deliver a solution taking into account the contents of the Museum which include many priceless objects requiring protection during installation.


During the last 10 years nearly 900 cameras and an RFID tagging system covering 3,500 objects have been installed within the museum. This has comprised of many projects ranging from the installation of 2 cameras to projects with over a 100.


In addition Daro designed the stae of the art control room where the museum systems are monitored in addition the control room monitors a number of remote sites.


International Museum Exhibition - Syria


The major international touring exhibition, World Ceramics: Masterpieces from the V&A took place in Syria from 24 November 2008 to 8 January 2009 as the finale to the Damascus Arab Capital of Culture 2008 activities. It groups together internationally-important original ceramics ahead of their display in the V&A’s refurbished ceramics galleries, which will reopen in September 2009. Other places on the tour include Seoul, Düsseldorf and Istanbul.


Roger Noakes of Daro Associates Ltd managed to meet the demanding requirements for the system by designing and specifying high quality colour mono cameras and digital recording equipment. The demand was for a high-quality surveillance system that would, at the same time, adhere to the strict provisions for the protection of historic sites that are in effect at the venue.



National Portrait Gallery - London

Since 2007 Daro Associates has assisted the Gallery with the management and design of the electronic security systems solution comprising of CCTV, Access Control and Picture protection.






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